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Tier Information 2019
« on: June 25, 2018, 10:39:12 pm »

The approximate numbers needed to gain each tier point are as follows, and these numbers are for the whole three month time frame that each tier update covers and not for a single month.

Core Metrics

Sales Direct 1=1761 (1983-2195) 2=2481 3=3532 (4345)
Sales Derived 1=5229 2=8045 3=12103 (12485)
Income Credits 1=49227 (53356) 2=73441 3=100309
Income Promo 1=29355 (39829) 2=45089 3=67080

Unique Metris (only top three scoring metrics count)

CC Forum Posts 1=22 2=31 3=42 (49)
Products Recent Submitted 1=51 2=74 ( to 86) 3=103
Products in Catalouge 1=129 2=165 3=222
Peer Review Activity 1=]1274 2=2002 3=?
Product Rating 1= ? 2= ? 3=4.5

Note:All these numbers were supplied by users, if numbers don't seem to have been changed, it's because there was insufficient data to change them out.

Editing to Add Number of Points needed for each Tier and their submission fee price

Number of Points needed for each Tier level

Tier 0 submission fee 500 credits you need 0 points
Tier 1 submission fee 450 credits you need 1-3 points
Tier 2 submission fee 400 credits you need 4-6 points
Tier 3 submission fee 350 credits you need 7-9 points
Tier 4 submission fee 300 credits you need 10-12 points
Tier 5 (PRO) submission fee 250 credits you need 13-15 points
Tier 6 (PRO) submission fee 200 credits you need 16-18 points
Tier 7 (PRO) submission fee 150 credits you need 19-21 points

points updated from user supplied data to update approximate numbers for tiers. Those listed in red are new data received from other creators.

Just a list for future reference of what months each update will include data from

January: October, November and December
February: November, December and January
March: December, January and February
April: January, February and March
May: February, March and April
June: March, April and May
July: April, May and June
August: May, June and July
September: June, July and August
October: July, August and September
November: August, September and October
December: September, October and November



Sales Direct:: Are sales of products you have made or when you have derived off of your own mesh and the derivation has sold.

Sales Derived: These are sales of other peoples items that have been derived off of your mesh or item that has been left derivable by you.

Income Real Credits: This is the sum total of your profit of your products that have been bought with REAL credits.

Income Promo Credits: This is the same as Credits Real but the purchases are made with Promo Credits.


CC Forum Posts: These are posts in the following forums, CCGen Forum, 3D forum, Texture Forum and Sticker Forum, that are helpful to other users, asking for help, giving help or joining in a current conversation that is rellevent. Spam posts are removed by mods and aren't counted towards your tier score. Please refer to DA's post about Spamming for tiers.

Products Recently Submitted: This metric is solely for the last three months worth of products you have submitted. So anything done before the last three months will not be counted in this metric. Basically they fall off after three months.

Products In Catalogue: This is the total of all the items in your catalogue. This is the only metric that constantly updates as you submit. All other metrics only update when the Tiers script is run at the beginning of each month.

Peer Review Activity: This one is pretty self explanatory. It's the number of PRs you do over the last three months.

Product Rating: This is obtained when someone who is gifted or who has purchased your product goes to the product page and leaves a review and marks how many halepeno's it's worth.

Remember all tier metrics update once a month except Products in Catalogue.

The other thing to remember is that there are Five Unique metrics that can count but only your 3 top scoring ones will count towards your tier score. Those that are in the Spare Metric area DO NOT COUNT. But it's upto you which three of those Unique metrics you work on to help your tier score. They can swap about if you end up with higher points in one of your Spare metrics than one of your Unique metrics has. Once you have maxes out your Unique area to 9 points, then to go up in tiers it's all about sales.


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Re: Tier Information 2018
« Reply #1 on: July 23, 2019, 08:30:58 pm »
Wow it doesnt take alot to get credits


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